About Life Lessons by Dr. Mom

My blogs Doctor Mom’s Place and Life Lessons by Dr. Mom are a respite for a weary mother of three adolescents, spouse to one. I am an educator and an advanced practice nurse with a PhD. I am an avid Twins and baseball enthusiast who is still learning the game. However, I do not hesitate to frequently, and openly provide my arm-chair opinions! I love writing, hockey, photography, collecting dolls, and making porcelain dolls.

I will sometimes share my passions on this blog as well as my avant-garde and unsolicited opinions on life and work in general. I do not claim to be an expert in anything, but survival. My claim to fame is that I have managed to keep three children alive, for 23, 15, and 12 years, and have done so with a strange and sometimes morbid sense of humour.

I may sometimes offer advice, but it’s from a mother’s perspective rather than one of a health care professional– please refrain from asking specific health related questions and seek the advice of your professional health care provider. Quite frankly, as many before me, I have learned through experience and sometimes I am just plain wrong. That’s when we have to laugh at ourselves and learn to say “Ooops!”

This blog is for entertainment purposes and as an information sharing vehicle only. All original written material is the copyright property of the administrator and owner of this blog. Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the material contained within these pages is strictly prohibited and may be protected by law.

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